【Battery Charger】


Constant-Current And Voltage With Float Three-Smart Charging.
Supporting The Battery: Lead-Acid Batteries, Ilithium Iron Phosphate Battery.


Model Output Voltage Output Current
CP0605 6V 0.5A
CP0610 6V 1A
CP1210 12V 1A
CP1215 12V 1.5A
CP1220 12V 2A
CP1230 12V 3A
CP1240 12V 4A
CP1250 12V 5A
LP-1260 12V 6A
LP-1270 12V 7A
LP-1280 12V 8A
LP-12100 12V 10A
LP-12150 12V 15A
LP-12200 12V 20A
LP-12300 12V 30A
LP-12400 12V 40A
CC2410 24V 1A
CC2415 24V 1.5A
CC2420 24V 2A
LP-2425 24V 2.5A
LP-2440 24V 4A
LP-2450 24V 5A
LP-2460 24V 6A
LP-2480 24V 8A
LP-24150 24V 15A
LP-24200 24V 20A
CC3615 36V 1.5A
LP-3620 36V 2A
LP-3630 36V 3A
LP-3640 36V 4A
LP-4820 48V 2A
LP-4830 48V 3A
LP-4840 48V 4A
LP-4880 48V 8A